Saturday, December 31, 2011

Home cooked Dinner @ 08.12.2011

Dishes for dinner today:
Soya Sauce Prawn
Fried Crispy Slipper Fish (I don't know the actual name)
Stir Fried Lady's Fingers with Dried Shrimp

Well, the dinner for today seems simple. It's so easy to prepare and cook without a lot of tedious work. What i want emphasis here is the fried fish. I love to have this kind of fried fish, as it's very crispy after frying, you even can swallow the bone as a whole. 

I personally called this fish as slipper fish as the shape resembles slipper (Japanese slipper) before cutting into small pieces. It's very thin, thus, it is superb, if you can fry it till wont waste a bit of it, as you may swallow the whole chunk of fish! At first i thought this kind of fish will be in the cheaper range, but to my surprise, it's not at all!

Breakfast @ 08.12.2011

Our breakfast, seems a lot, is it?

We missed Mc Donalds quite sometimes already. Today we gonna have it again! I always said that Mc Donalds taste better than KFC, especially when you compare thir breakfast set menu. Thus, i have been loyal fan to Mc Donalds, i believe that both Carmen and Jeanne agree totally to my taste!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Home cooked Dinner @ 07.12.2011

Menu Of The Day:
Steam Fish
Stir Fried Angled Bean with Dried Shrimp
Fried Wanton
Snow Lotus & Carrot Soup
Homemade Chilli Dip

Chicken Rice Chilli Sauce Recipe:
Red chilli (abt 20pcs)
Chilli padi (abt 10pcs)
Young ginger (abt 3cm long)
Garlic (1-2 pcs whole big garlic)
Lime juice (3 pcs)
Lime skin (little bit only-abt 1/4 fr d whole lime)
Vinegar (1 teaspoon)
Sugar (8 teaspoon)
Salt (2 teaspoon)

Lately i am back to my old self, busy exploring some new menu and back to my cooking world. Today's menu is actually featuring my homemade chilli sauce dip. In fact i am making it for MIL because she told me she loves chilli sauce, but do not know how to make it. I remember i used to help my mom preparing it at home when i was young. Now i can make use of the recipe in my mind to try out this time. The outcome not bad, i like it as well.

Friday, December 23, 2011

KFC Breakfast @ 07.12.2011

Trying out new menu : Blueberry Pancake

We plan to have KFC breakfast today as we are very keen to try out on KFC new menu (Bluberry Pancake). my dismay, it's ot only not as nice as Mc Donald's pancake, but the service also very poor and lousy. The waiting time of order and food served easily takes more than half an hour! It is not because its crowded, but they have nothing to serve on the food counter or either incomplete meal, as some still midway cooking. What a lousy service they have, really incomparable to Mc Donalds!

I swear to myself, we will not have KFC breakfast anymore, i told Carmen about this and asked her not to expect anymore KFC breakfast in the future. Its wasting my time waiting and Carmen will reach school very late after we complete the meal. No more next time KFC!

Double Egg Yolks @ 06.12.2011 Breakfast

 Double Egg Yolk for my Nasi Lemak today!

 Carmen waiting for her serving

Carmen with her all time favorite menu : Roti Telur

It's a lucky day for me today. I enjoy my plate of nasi lemak with an egg, but consisting of two egg yolks instead! It's very difficult to obtain such an egg, only bump across by coincidence. I remember when i was small, my grandma used to have a chicken coop right behind our house at the backyard. She collected eggs daily basis........but thru the years, only a handful of double egg yolks will appear. Think i am a lucky person today!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Swimming Trip @ Bukit Jalil Condominium 05.12.2011

 Preparing to go out the house to the pool
 Both of them the first to reach the pool

 3 of the kids playing crazily in water

The purpose of visiting my SIL today is to bring my both girls for swimming at her condominium in Bukit Jalil. Her place is quite a distance from my house. The journey takes about 30-40 minutes by car.

My in-laws was here since the past weekend, they also wanting to visit their daughter and her newborn son. So, i send them there for a gathering before they go back Ipoh in the evening. My hubby's young cousin desperately wanting to follow us and joining us. So i fetch him along with his mom and we proceed to my SIL house.

Three of the kids were so happy playing in water. I only allow them to play in the children pool. The adults pool is just too deep for them at their age. Safety is number one for me.

Carmen's School Annual Concert @ Premiere Hotel 04.12.2011

The simple yet beautiful backdrop
 I like this ceiling lighting!
The invitation card for us admits 5 Guests
Theme of the year : 70's Fashion
Carmen with her friends at backstage before the Concert start
Robotic Dance Outfit
Strange looking Carmen, i nearly cant recognize her face
I & Hubby wondering what creature is Carmen impersonating???
 The Robotic Dance Performance
 Modern Dance Performance
 To me, Carmen was in the best attire of the day in Modern Dance
Trophy presentation, i miss it because i was busy taking photos, while Carmen's Grandpa hurried to accompany her on stage with the others
 Guests were invited to participate in open games
 Carmen & Jeanne at backstage after the show
 Carmen posing with her best friend, Callen
 Carmen with Jeanne & Callen
 Carmen with her trophy
 Carmen sharing her trophy with her sister
 Me, Carmen & Jeanne
Feeling exhausted after the event, no expression on her face anymore........
 Grandma taking care of Jeanne with hubby's young cousin
 Daddy carrying Jeanne to greater heights to view the performance
 Me & Jeanne during the show
 My in-laws always being very supportive for the annual Concert since Carmen went to school

Grandpa busy entertaining little Jeanne
 Jeanne has been imitating and following the dance moves
Jeanne was not happy, as i did not permits her to go on stage

Jeanne didn't miss out her chance to join for fun at the backstage
 Carmen bringing her sister on stage
 Jeanne was glad to be able to go on stage!
 Finally Jeanne has her chance to go on stage joining her sister
Sisterly Love
 Me, Jeanne, Carmen &Willie
 Singing & Waving the "Auld Lang Syne" song
Carmen & Jeanne posing after the event adjourned
Best Student Year 4: Carmen Wang
Grandpa Present won from open games to be presented to Carmen

Time really flies. I first sent Carmen to Smart Reader Playschool 3 years ago since the opening of the center. And we had been attending the annual concert for 3 consecutive years. Next year onwards, Carmen will proceed to preschool. Ashamed to said that i still have not enroll her to any of the preschool as i am still waiting for the answer from our priority school for the vacancy available, i think chances are pretty slim by now as we hear no answer from the school.

As usual, my in-laws will come all the way from Ipoh to support Carmen's performances! The environment of this year's event is a bit classy compared to the previous years. We did enjoy the performances by the children and adjourned by hi tea buffet at the hotel. Even though it's quite costly, but we all had a great time there supporting children performances and also the enjoying the events as the crowd are encouraged to participate in some of the games organized. My FIL did participate in the open games and win some prize too! Of course  the prize he won will be presented to Carmen.