Saturday, December 31, 2011

Home cooked Dinner @ 08.12.2011

Dishes for dinner today:
Soya Sauce Prawn
Fried Crispy Slipper Fish (I don't know the actual name)
Stir Fried Lady's Fingers with Dried Shrimp

Well, the dinner for today seems simple. It's so easy to prepare and cook without a lot of tedious work. What i want emphasis here is the fried fish. I love to have this kind of fried fish, as it's very crispy after frying, you even can swallow the bone as a whole. 

I personally called this fish as slipper fish as the shape resembles slipper (Japanese slipper) before cutting into small pieces. It's very thin, thus, it is superb, if you can fry it till wont waste a bit of it, as you may swallow the whole chunk of fish! At first i thought this kind of fish will be in the cheaper range, but to my surprise, it's not at all!

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